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Week One of Internship Program at Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center

It goes really good at start. Time is so important as workload goes heavy.
Masaya. Mahirap. Gutom. Pagod. Excited. Masarap.
But at the end of each day, I'm contented every single duty day.
Parang 'culture shock' sa sobrang bilis ng pace. work. time. ward. laboratory set-up. even meal break.
Just only a week of duty but seems it is a month of schooling.

But what if a hospital needs its own care? a hospital needs its own hospital?
A flood came. Viola!
Putik. Dumi. Baha. Tubig.

Para na rin kaming flood victims. sira na halos lahat.
So? edi maglinis. move on. try to forget but learn.

Sumabay pa itong walang humpay na money-seeker and wealth grabber! hahaha. we are now forced to evacuate our place. so what. kami hinahamon nya! mabibigat nga mga gamit naming sangkadamukal. mula second floor pababa at lakad pa ng malayo-layo hanggang sa information house! kinaya naming buhatin un! adrenaline rush. para talagang flood victims. aircon. glam girl television. electric fans. cooking utensils. folding beds. clothes. food. every little thing, buhat dito, dala doon.

Now we are pulled out there. and enjoying our stay in our new training hospital, OLMCMC. Our new place. Our new home.
Moved on. Moving on. And enjoying our stay here.
Learned. LEarning. And still eager to learn in this internship program.

Photos by: mam tey. Thanks!

In My Opinion  

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For me, drug testing should not be a requirement in a college or university. Why? Basically because they entered the university to be a student, to learn and to be educated. So what if they are drug users? What about those students who are addicted to smoking and alcohol?

For me, these are the same as drug addiction. The only main difference is that cigarettes and alcohols are legal for 18 year old and above, and drugs are illegal and prohibited. They are all addictive and have their own respective bad effects to our body.

Drugs affects our whole system. They affect a person mentally and emotionally. But it does not mean that anyone has the right to deny them the education that they need. In my opinion, a drug test is not necessary for a school admission. As long as, the student is capable and deserves to learn, there is no problem.

As a person enters college, he puts himself to a situation that he chooses to prioritize his education. Nobody is a fool to hit marijuana and runs to class afterwards. People who are in drugs knows what could happen after their session. They are aware what drugs could do to them.

Most students who are drunk do not usually attend their classes afterwards. More so if they are drug users, right? Drug testing is more significant in applying for a driver's license or a government license. I just realized now that most car accidents are due to drunk drivers, only few maybe caused by drug users. Only drug testing is a requirement for a driver's license but not alcohol testing. Drug users do not readily admit to the addiction. Some may deny it, some may appear to even flaunt it like it is an ordinary thing.

But for a college, na-a! For me, it is way too much. It is based whether you passed or not. It relies on whether you have the capability to learn and to finish your studies - as long as you passed and finished all the educational requirements.

What if the drugs interfere with his education? It is the obligation of the student himself whether he wants to continue or not; or to stop using drugs and pursue his studies instead. It is his own personal choice. For me, the best thing a school can do is to educate each student about the bad effects of drugs; to reach out to every student and let them learn something that may be out of the context of the lesson, but may be beneficial to their personal lives. Don't let their using drugs an issue and become a hindrance to their education.

The fear of being influenced by a drug-user classmate is quite absurd. Why? because people have their own minds. It depends upon them whether they will be persuaded or not. And on the fact that there are even more people outside the school who can influence you to use drugs. Primarily, it is on the person's choice, will and knowledge. It's the student's choice, to accept or to reject.

What is the significance of requiring a drug testing for school admission if taking drugs after the admission is not being strictly governed? Requiring students to undergo drug testing in order to be admitted is not a good preventive measure to limit or lessen the use of illegal drugs. There are more ways to stop drugs. There are more appropriate reasons for drug testing to be enforced in other places. There are more drug users outside the university to whom you can be exposed to. Proper awareness. Proper education. Proper living.

The right persons to stop them from using drugs are their parents. And the best person to stop them from the act are THEMSELVES.

My opinion is mine. I am not a drug user. I am not an advocate of illegal drugs. I just believe that every human being has the right to education. Whoever you are. Whatever you have. Don't easily judge a person by his action. If there is a stimulus there is a response. People do change. People are capable to be better. Don' t force your way, let it be free.

PENS UP! Check your own Answers.  

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  • Give 5 equipment included in the Personal Protective Equipment
  • State the primary use of each of the equipment

  1. Laboratory gown - primarily for the protection of the whole body and for the arms
  2. Gloves - serves as a protective equipment for the hands, which are the main in-contact body part.
  3. Mask - prevents accidental ingestion and inhalation of chemicals and substances.
  4. Goggles - use as a shield for the eyes; to protect the eyes, which are very delicate.
  5. Hair cap - makes the hair intact and safe during laboratory work.

Case Analysis:

  • A medical technologist has finished extracting blood from a patient when suddenly he punctured himself with the needle. Unfortunately, he did not wear any protective equipment for his hands. What can he do about the accident? What preventive steps could be done?

Immediately wash the skin site with water and soap.
Report the incident to the supervisor or head of the laboratory.
Be examined for any infectious disease that can be transmitted through the needle. Do the necessary treatment for the particular disease.
Follow-up check-ups can be done to observe the disease progression or regression. 
Wearing gloves can minimize the accident. Any damaged glove should be removed and be replaced by another set.
Our hands are the main body part which are exposed to almost everything. Therefore, gloves should be worn at all times, not only because it is a protocol, but because it is important to protect ourselves from any danger or accidents.

  • A chemist was doing his daily routine in the laboratory when a chemical spilled accidentally. His body and his forearm came in contact with the spilled chemical. What can the chemist do in this situation? What could have been done to prevent this scenario?

First, the chemist should wash immediately all the affected parts of the body with running water for few minutes. Remove any contaminated clothing. Administer appropriate first-aid treatment. And may seek a medical advice for affected skin.
Alongside, a co-worker can clean the spilled chemical on the laboratory table soon after the accident happens. He can use chemical absorbents depending on the nature of the chemical spilled. 
This accident can be mostly prevented by:
- wearing a complete set of personal protective equipment
- doing the laboratory works carefully and accurately
- observing the proper behavior in the laboratory

Examination about PPE  

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  • Give 5 equipment included in the Personal Protective Equipment
  • State the primary use of each of the equipment

Case Analysis:

  • A medical technologist has finished extracting blood from a patient when suddenly he punctured himself with the needle. Unfortunately, he did not wear any protective equipment for his hands. What can he do about the accident? What preventive steps could be done?

  • A chemist was doing his daily routine in the laboratory when a chemical spilled accidentally. His body and his forearm came in contact with the spilled chemical. What can the chemist do in this situation? What could have been done to prevent this scenario?

photo 1 source: amagill
photo 2 source: maticulous

Personal Protective Equipment  

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Some may say complete laboratory attire is not necessary – definitely wrong. Accidents do happen. It may come when least expected: a splash of a reagent into the face, a skin contact to a toxic substance, or even spill of a solution onto your body. Toxic or non-toxic, hazardous or not, flammable or not, whatever you are handling, testing and experimenting, a complete personal protective equipment is necessary. These equipment are not intended to be accessories or not even to be a disturbance in the laboratory works. These are designed to serve as protection and shield from various accidents that may happen. As it name implies, personal protective equipment, these are materials that keep you protected. Wearing a complete set of personal protective equipment would benefit us. Nothing would happen bad to you if you do wear a complete set.

Laboratory gown is necessary. It protects your body, arms and legs from any accidents. It serves as your cover and protective coat during laboratory work. It covers our bodies so not to be exposed to any chemical or substance can induce harm or damage in our bodies. Laboratory gown itself should be clean and free form any contamination. It must be properly fit in our body physique, not too fit nor too large.

Gloves are protective equipment for the hands. It must neither too small nor too big for your hands. You must wear the correct size of the glove for your hands: rightly fitted and comfortable. Too small gloves give you the tendency to limit your hand movements and make your hands sore. Too big gloves for your hands tend to make you prone to accidents and cannot work easily. Gloves are very useful in the laboratory set-up. It makes your hands secure when handling toxic or infectious solutions. Disposable gloves should not be re-used and properly disposed right after used. Any damaged glove or gloves with holes should not be used and must be replaced immediately.

Masks should cover the nose and the mouth. It is used to prevent entry of any chemical or substance in the body through inhalation or ingestion. It must not be too tight for you to wear that it comes to a point that you have hard time breathing. It must not also be too loose that it tends to be useless to wear.

Goggles protect your eyes during laboratory works. It protects the eyes from any splash or splatter or chemical or substances. Goggles are very important because it keeps our eyes safe and secured. Certain chemicals and reagents can easily destroy our eyes making us blind, so wear goggles.

Hair cap is used to make the hair intact and no hair can fall to the working area. It is essential especially for the women with long beautiful hair because it keeps the hair safe and out of danger. Wearing hair cap is important, just like when dealing with flame because long hair are at high risk in being burn if left untied. Even though your hairstyle is destroyed or messed up after wearing hair cap, it is better than exposing yourself in danger.

When performing laboratory procedures, it is important to wear these things. Just like when assaying oxytocin concentration or other hormone, complete personal protective equipment is important. In measuring oxytocin concentration on the body, you deal with the sample of the patient, reagents and chemicals to be used, and solutions that can be detrimental. So to prevent any disaster that may happen, PPE are very useful.

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT are indeed very important. Wearing them makes your laboratory life safe and coordinated.

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs  

Posted by eryLL

So what if my niche doesn’t belong to those particular categories? In many ways, a blog can influence you whether or not it belongs to your genre or not. And it all ends up in the fact that we are all in the same blogging world.

These blogs, for me, are worth-reading no matter what type of a person you are, and no matter what your blog is all about. A blogger must learn to EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. EXECUTE.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs:

1. Writing to exhale by Jan Geronimo

- Reading this blog, it is as if I was talking to him directly. No doubts. No fallacies. No intimidation. A great blog to read.

2. The Struggling Blogger by Roy dela Cruz

- A blog that is all about everything. For me, this blog is super duper versatile. Any topic - he can give a story. Any story, he finishes it with a BANG!

3. Zorlone by Doc Zorlone

- His poems are simply great and astonishing. This blog contains bountiful of inspirational poems. He uses his poems to reach out and touch every reader’s heart.

4. Father Blogger dot com by Angel Cuala

- A blog about family problems. Why not? From my point of view, this blog emphasizes that our families are our priorities. This blog is perfect for all families: in happiness or in despair.

5. Lifelots by Irene

- Everyday Learnings. This blog is focused on the little virtues and simple lessons that can be acquired in the everyday set-up.

6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 by Kelvin Servigon

- High Technology stuffs and ideas. This blog features new innovations in the technology, which can benefit us. Check it out!

7. Tales form the Mom Side by Dee

- A very loving and tender blog based from the mother’s perspective and point-of-view.

8. I Love/Hate America by Bingkee

- A blog that is very rational and distinct. Reading this blog is a “trip”. Well-deserving of my vote.

9. A Walk in the Dark by Luke

- Science and Technology related blog. This blog is great and indeed a must-vst-vfor the emerging influential blogs because it is concise and informative.

10. It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine by Holly Jahangiri

- The posts are about candid thoughts on a lot of things.

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No one will never ever again see,
A love that is unconditional and free,
Just like you and me.
We both witness these without any fee.
Love from the moms and dads.
Whether you are good or have gone bad.

Started when man would meet woman,
Both would be stuck in the heat of the sun.
Then suddenly love would burst -- fervid,
As if they were struck by Cupid.

Love. Love. that love was so pure,
Seems that both was then sure:
To start a family and build their home;
To have their children whom they can call their own.

Though bad times do come,
As if they were just so calm.
Feeling the assurance from the other,
Having the trust, love and care for each other.
Hoping their vows will never be broken.
Feelings strengthen by Oxytocin, the love hormone.

Couples planned to have a baby,
To have someone shout, "Mommy, Daddy!"
Having sexual intercourse so intimate and warm.
Oxytocin may be responsible for the sexual satisfaction.

Nine months of true love with possible fear.
Then the woman delivers her baby with gentle care.
Muscle contracts to ease the delivery,
Oxytocin helps in the uterine contractility.

A baby born in this world with beauty and innocence.
Not even knowing what her mom experienced.
But one thing is for sure,
The baby feels the love and the allure.

Mom breastfeeds her baby,
So that the baby grows to be strong and healthy.
Oxytocin helps to stimulate the mammary glands,
To facilitate breastfeeding that enhances the maternal bond.

Oxytocin -- such an important hormone!
But only some recognize this tone.
Oxytocin helps in uterine muscle contractility,
Also aids in breastfeeding and sexual intimacy.

I should give it proper credit,
Because love is everywhere and I love it!
Share some love. Win some love.
Increased oxytocin level -- you should have.


photo 1 by: lovelypetal


The Endocrine Glands

-video by: dizzo95

Oxytocin Hormone
-video by: NeurologyNow

Oxytocin in Labor
-video by: dizzo95

Answers to the Oxytocin Exam  

Posted by eryLL

Answers to the Oxytocin Examination

1. Where is oxytocin synthesized? --Hypothalamus

2. Aside from oxytocin, what is the other hormone secreted by posterior pituitary? -- Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)

3. What hinders the oxytocin in returning to the brain? -- Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB)

4. - 6. When is oxytocin naturally released from the posterior pituitary?
-- During Child Labor
-- During Breastfeeding
-- Sexual intercourse

7. For breastfeeding purposes, the oxytocin drugs must be administered through Nasal Sprays.

8. In contraction stress tests, why should the patient- be fasting before the test procedure?
-- The doctor usually recommends the patient to fast, so just in case there will be an emergency to deliver the baby.

9. - 10. Why is a contraction stress test performed?
-- To see how will the fetus respond to the decrease of oxygen level during labor contractions

11. - 15. A pregnant woman has been injected a correct dosage of oxytocin drug prior to her delivery. After she gave birth, she developed dyspnea, nausearashes and postpartum hemorrhage

The newborn baby; however, was normal and there were no changes observed from the day of delivery.

What was the cause of the woman's condition after her delivery? What precautionary steps could have been undertaken?

-The woman experienced allergic reaction and common complications  to the oxytocin drug that was injected to her prior to her delivery. She experienced dyspnea, nausea, rashes and postpartum hemorrhage; while her newborn baby was normal. She must consult her doctor immediately about what she had experienced after her delivery. She must be given proper care until her condition is stabilized. The newborn baby, however, must be observed if he develops certain reaction against the oxytocin drug. This case would not be ever possible if the woman, first, had some test to detect if she is allergic or not to some of the components of the oxytocin drug. 

16. - 20. A pregnant woman, G2P1 (gravida 2-para 1), has an unfavorable fetal position

She wanted to be injected with oxytocin drug prior to her delivery, because of her previous birthing experience. In her first pregnancy, she had been given the drug to induce uterine muscle contraction that allowed her to experience an easier delivery of her first baby. 

In her present status, is it advisable to give her oxytocin drugs? Why or why not? What would be the effect if she would be given the drug?

-In this case, the pregnant woman has unfavorable fetal position. She must not be injected oxytocin drug because it would be harder for her and for her baby to surpass a safe delivery. The drug stimulates labor contraction, therefore, with the unfavorable fetal position, the baby will be more stressful and higher risk of complications may occur. It is much safer for both the mom and for the fetus if no oxytocin drug is administered. In her condition, oxytocin drug has no beneficial effects for both of them, and only putting them into a higher risk of complication and more even death.

photo by: walknboston
reference: merck.com