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Examination about PPE  

Posted by eryLL


  • Give 5 equipment included in the Personal Protective Equipment
  • State the primary use of each of the equipment

Case Analysis:

  • A medical technologist has finished extracting blood from a patient when suddenly he punctured himself with the needle. Unfortunately, he did not wear any protective equipment for his hands. What can he do about the accident? What preventive steps could be done?

  • A chemist was doing his daily routine in the laboratory when a chemical spilled accidentally. His body and his forearm came in contact with the spilled chemical. What can the chemist do in this situation? What could have been done to prevent this scenario?

photo 1 source: amagill
photo 2 source: maticulous

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I should think the answer would be different depending on whether the needle he punctured himself with was contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids; filled with medicine; or empty.

Your illustration makes me cringe. I'm terrified of needles.

Hi eryll!

How are all the CC bloggers doing?

By the way, kudos to all your efforts especially on your studies!
Just send as a word if you need some help :D

Jai ho!

Good pictures in relation to topic.

*holly - right holly. but on the case i made, it contains blood form a patient. i placed the picture of the needle so to emphasize the consequences that may arise from not wearing a complete set of PPE. haha, sorry if it scares you..

*elmot - thanks for dropping and lending a hand. CC bloggers were doing great.

Oh, I'll survive - the fact that it made me cringe is evidence of its illustrative effectiveness.

Too bad they don't make gloves out of fine steel mesh, huh?

i think that is not so comfortable to wear during laboratory works. haha