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No one will never ever again see,
A love that is unconditional and free,
Just like you and me.
We both witness these without any fee.
Love from the moms and dads.
Whether you are good or have gone bad.

Started when man would meet woman,
Both would be stuck in the heat of the sun.
Then suddenly love would burst -- fervid,
As if they were struck by Cupid.

Love. Love. that love was so pure,
Seems that both was then sure:
To start a family and build their home;
To have their children whom they can call their own.

Though bad times do come,
As if they were just so calm.
Feeling the assurance from the other,
Having the trust, love and care for each other.
Hoping their vows will never be broken.
Feelings strengthen by Oxytocin, the love hormone.

Couples planned to have a baby,
To have someone shout, "Mommy, Daddy!"
Having sexual intercourse so intimate and warm.
Oxytocin may be responsible for the sexual satisfaction.

Nine months of true love with possible fear.
Then the woman delivers her baby with gentle care.
Muscle contracts to ease the delivery,
Oxytocin helps in the uterine contractility.

A baby born in this world with beauty and innocence.
Not even knowing what her mom experienced.
But one thing is for sure,
The baby feels the love and the allure.

Mom breastfeeds her baby,
So that the baby grows to be strong and healthy.
Oxytocin helps to stimulate the mammary glands,
To facilitate breastfeeding that enhances the maternal bond.

Oxytocin -- such an important hormone!
But only some recognize this tone.
Oxytocin helps in uterine muscle contractility,
Also aids in breastfeeding and sexual intimacy.

I should give it proper credit,
Because love is everywhere and I love it!
Share some love. Win some love.
Increased oxytocin level -- you should have.


photo 1 by: lovelypetal


The Endocrine Glands

-video by: dizzo95

Oxytocin Hormone
-video by: NeurologyNow

Oxytocin in Labor
-video by: dizzo95

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wow! nice poem eryll. love it! :)

excellent poem Mr. Sy,.
the poem itself give the readers much information that they need to know about this hormone.
the videos support the poem itself, concise yet very informative.

the flow of the poem, gives an impact to the whole post.

overall:very nice post! two thumbs up for you Mr. Sy..

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Wow! what a wonderful poem you got there!

The rhyming was so perfect, the info's was all there! There is nothing more i could ask for. Nice POST!

Waiting for your next post.


very good poem eryll. very informative just like your other post.you can add some picture to make the poem perfect. Nice Job Keep it up ;p

i must admit that i just read a "WOW" POEM!i enjoyed reading it..
it is a well to read poem..
the detailed and well-explained topic harmonize with your playful thoughts..the poem itself is so descriptive..

got some talent there huh..
keep it up!!

nice post and nice rhyming too!

but, i have a question..
do you want to have your own family? haha! it seems that you're inspired while doing this poem..

As usual,you covered all the areas - information and artistry; composing a poem and posting a video.

The poem has presented your topic sufficiently, and you could compose more to develop your talent.

The videos discussed the vital areas too.

You could add some pictures in your poem.

You should also connect directly to the person who have uploaded the video and not to the website only.

Good job.

thank you for all the comments. i edited my post already. hope you like it more!!

nice post...,,, as usual good post again,,,. keep it up...,,,,


i wish i had your topic aheheh..
very interesting one..

BTW nice poem.. i never thought you have a talent in making one.. keep it up..=) (nakakabilib kana talga ah...)

Well done! You have a passion in writing. I hope the faculty makes room for you, if ever you take up teaching as a profession.


very poetic. i love it. i never thought you were good at writing poems. why didnt you join the Allimed? its nice to share your talent you know. =]

*doc z-thank you for a nice complement. haha.
*aiko -thanks. but allimed is too big for me. haha.

hehehe. you made a great twist to what is normally a "boring" topic. kudos. :)



*nobe - thank you for appreciating my effort to incorporate the learnings in to a creative way. thanks.