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In My Opinion  

Posted by eryLL


For me, drug testing should not be a requirement in a college or university. Why? Basically because they entered the university to be a student, to learn and to be educated. So what if they are drug users? What about those students who are addicted to smoking and alcohol?

For me, these are the same as drug addiction. The only main difference is that cigarettes and alcohols are legal for 18 year old and above, and drugs are illegal and prohibited. They are all addictive and have their own respective bad effects to our body.

Drugs affects our whole system. They affect a person mentally and emotionally. But it does not mean that anyone has the right to deny them the education that they need. In my opinion, a drug test is not necessary for a school admission. As long as, the student is capable and deserves to learn, there is no problem.

As a person enters college, he puts himself to a situation that he chooses to prioritize his education. Nobody is a fool to hit marijuana and runs to class afterwards. People who are in drugs knows what could happen after their session. They are aware what drugs could do to them.

Most students who are drunk do not usually attend their classes afterwards. More so if they are drug users, right? Drug testing is more significant in applying for a driver's license or a government license. I just realized now that most car accidents are due to drunk drivers, only few maybe caused by drug users. Only drug testing is a requirement for a driver's license but not alcohol testing. Drug users do not readily admit to the addiction. Some may deny it, some may appear to even flaunt it like it is an ordinary thing.

But for a college, na-a! For me, it is way too much. It is based whether you passed or not. It relies on whether you have the capability to learn and to finish your studies - as long as you passed and finished all the educational requirements.

What if the drugs interfere with his education? It is the obligation of the student himself whether he wants to continue or not; or to stop using drugs and pursue his studies instead. It is his own personal choice. For me, the best thing a school can do is to educate each student about the bad effects of drugs; to reach out to every student and let them learn something that may be out of the context of the lesson, but may be beneficial to their personal lives. Don't let their using drugs an issue and become a hindrance to their education.

The fear of being influenced by a drug-user classmate is quite absurd. Why? because people have their own minds. It depends upon them whether they will be persuaded or not. And on the fact that there are even more people outside the school who can influence you to use drugs. Primarily, it is on the person's choice, will and knowledge. It's the student's choice, to accept or to reject.

What is the significance of requiring a drug testing for school admission if taking drugs after the admission is not being strictly governed? Requiring students to undergo drug testing in order to be admitted is not a good preventive measure to limit or lessen the use of illegal drugs. There are more ways to stop drugs. There are more appropriate reasons for drug testing to be enforced in other places. There are more drug users outside the university to whom you can be exposed to. Proper awareness. Proper education. Proper living.

The right persons to stop them from using drugs are their parents. And the best person to stop them from the act are THEMSELVES.

My opinion is mine. I am not a drug user. I am not an advocate of illegal drugs. I just believe that every human being has the right to education. Whoever you are. Whatever you have. Don't easily judge a person by his action. If there is a stimulus there is a response. People do change. People are capable to be better. Don' t force your way, let it be free.