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Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs  

Posted by eryLL

So what if my niche doesn’t belong to those particular categories? In many ways, a blog can influence you whether or not it belongs to your genre or not. And it all ends up in the fact that we are all in the same blogging world.

These blogs, for me, are worth-reading no matter what type of a person you are, and no matter what your blog is all about. A blogger must learn to EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. EXECUTE.

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs:

1. Writing to exhale by Jan Geronimo

- Reading this blog, it is as if I was talking to him directly. No doubts. No fallacies. No intimidation. A great blog to read.

2. The Struggling Blogger by Roy dela Cruz

- A blog that is all about everything. For me, this blog is super duper versatile. Any topic - he can give a story. Any story, he finishes it with a BANG!

3. Zorlone by Doc Zorlone

- His poems are simply great and astonishing. This blog contains bountiful of inspirational poems. He uses his poems to reach out and touch every reader’s heart.

4. Father Blogger dot com by Angel Cuala

- A blog about family problems. Why not? From my point of view, this blog emphasizes that our families are our priorities. This blog is perfect for all families: in happiness or in despair.

5. Lifelots by Irene

- Everyday Learnings. This blog is focused on the little virtues and simple lessons that can be acquired in the everyday set-up.

6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0 by Kelvin Servigon

- High Technology stuffs and ideas. This blog features new innovations in the technology, which can benefit us. Check it out!

7. Tales form the Mom Side by Dee

- A very loving and tender blog based from the mother’s perspective and point-of-view.

8. I Love/Hate America by Bingkee

- A blog that is very rational and distinct. Reading this blog is a “trip”. Well-deserving of my vote.

9. A Walk in the Dark by Luke

- Science and Technology related blog. This blog is great and indeed a must-vst-vfor the emerging influential blogs because it is concise and informative.

10. It’s all a matter of Perspective: Mine by Holly Jahangiri

- The posts are about candid thoughts on a lot of things.

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Hi eryLL,

Thanks a lot for nominating WritingToExhale. I'm extremely grateful you've stepped out of your niche just so you can support other blogs. I love your reasons, eryll. With that attitude, you can make another blog and really connect with a lot of readers.

You've an instinctive grasp of what powers a compelling blog. Our group will be here to help you. Just give me a buzz. Or Roy or Doc Z. But of course your priority for now is your studies. I'm just letting you know, we are here to help you.

And thanks a lot for the kind words. You know how to hit the right buttons, don't you. You're a compelling writer yourself. I'm still grinning from ear to ear, reading and reading your spot on appreciation of your top 10 blogs.

Mabuhay ka. eryLL, you rock!

Thank you much for your vote Eryll

I hope you continue supporting your fellow student bloggers (I can see how you take time to visit their blogs, continue doing that ;) )

Thanks again!


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hello, thank you for nominating my blog, Kelvinonian.com!! ^___^

Thanks Eryll for the nomination! That meant a lot to me.

I offer you a few verses of poetry...


I heard myself rhyming inside my head,
these conjoined heart and mind's creation - spread.

Lines reflecting natural goodness,
lifting up one's own fullness.

Writing down words of crisp splendor,
were reflections of the self and honor.

A few words embraced in a solemn unity,
with a soulful truth and angel-like divinity.


to everyone, no problem. your blogs are much deserving and i had a happy time reading those blogs, respectively.

good luck.

Salamat po sa pag-nominate sa aking blog :)

*sir jan -thanks for the hand. appreciated it much.
*sir roy -happy doing it. thanks for the visit.
*kelvin -sorry for the typo. ill changed it asap, dont worry, haha
*doc z -great poem as always. thanks.
*igvirene -no problem. :D

Thank you for including my blog in your nominations! You make an excellent point: Everything we read, every person we encounter, influences us in some way. With such a wide range of worthy blogs from which to choose, I'm truly honored to be included here.

Hi Eryll!

Just dropping by to say I'm glad to finally meet all of you this afternoon.

Keep on blogging!

*holly - no problem. i find your blog so deserving to be recognized.

*sir roy - thank you for your time to visit us. also, for the pins. thank you po. you take time for us, we appreciate it so much. until we meet again.

Thanks for the vote, Eryll. This is a cool template you have. Keep on blogging!

-Luke of A Walk in The Dark
A Jedi shall not know fear.

your welcome sir luke. (sorry for a late reply, i only notice your comment now, hehe). Thanks for appreciating my template (i just downloaded it.)

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

thanks very much this is a good post.