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Week One of Internship Program at Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center

It goes really good at start. Time is so important as workload goes heavy.
Masaya. Mahirap. Gutom. Pagod. Excited. Masarap.
But at the end of each day, I'm contented every single duty day.
Parang 'culture shock' sa sobrang bilis ng pace. work. time. ward. laboratory set-up. even meal break.
Just only a week of duty but seems it is a month of schooling.

But what if a hospital needs its own care? a hospital needs its own hospital?
A flood came. Viola!
Putik. Dumi. Baha. Tubig.

Para na rin kaming flood victims. sira na halos lahat.
So? edi maglinis. move on. try to forget but learn.

Sumabay pa itong walang humpay na money-seeker and wealth grabber! hahaha. we are now forced to evacuate our place. so what. kami hinahamon nya! mabibigat nga mga gamit naming sangkadamukal. mula second floor pababa at lakad pa ng malayo-layo hanggang sa information house! kinaya naming buhatin un! adrenaline rush. para talagang flood victims. aircon. glam girl television. electric fans. cooking utensils. folding beds. clothes. food. every little thing, buhat dito, dala doon.

Now we are pulled out there. and enjoying our stay in our new training hospital, OLMCMC. Our new place. Our new home.
Moved on. Moving on. And enjoying our stay here.
Learned. LEarning. And still eager to learn in this internship program.

Photos by: mam tey. Thanks!