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Examination about Oxytocin: Love Hormone

1. Where is oxytocin synthesized?
2. Aside from oxytocin, what is the other hormone secreted by posterior pituitary?
3. What hinders the oxytocin in returning to the brain?
4. - 6. When is oxytocin naturally released from the posterior pituitary?
7. For breastfeeding purposes, the oxytocin drugs must be administered through ________.
8. In contraction stress tests, why should the patient- be fasting before the test procedure?
9. - 10. Why is a contraction stress test performed?

11. - 15. A pregnant woman has been injected a correct dosage of oxytocin drug prior to her delivery. After she gave birth, she developed dyspnea, nausea, rashes and postpartum hemorrhage

The newborn baby; however, was normal and there were no changes observed from the day of delivery.

What was the cause of the woman's condition after her delivery? What precautionary steps could have been undertaken?

16. - 20. A pregnant woman, G2P1 (gravida 2-para 1), has an unfavorable fetal position

She wanted to be injected with oxytocin drug prior to her delivery, because of her previous birthing experience. In her first pregnancy, she had been given the drug to induce uterine muscle contraction that allowed her to experience an easier delivery of her first baby. 

In her present status, is it advisable to give her oxytocin drugs? Why or why not? What would be the effect if she would be given the drug?

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reference: merck.com

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this is actually a fairly constructed exam. challenging. keep it up! :)

Good set of questions! Mhmm..

hi eryl, nice post but i think you should add more informations to make it very informative,but overall its a good job...

well composed questions and interesting case ana keep it up